# A simple Python pastebin

5 November 2019

Before getting into the rest of this entry, I wanted to wish you a happy Guy Fawkes Day. Also, it is worth saying that V for Vendetta is a great movie and I am sorry to say that I have not read the graphic novel and yes, I know that I should. That is all.

The real purpose of this log entry is to announce a the public availability of a small project that I threw together in a couple of days a little over a month ago. In short, I got fed up with trying to upload something to 0x0.st using cURL from my phone, so I went off and made something with a dual interface; you can GET a simple web page from it, or you can just POST directly with something like cURL. Don't get me wrong, 0x0.st is a great thing, but creating my own simple pastbin was lots of fun. It is an extremely minimal project, and I should probably bundle it up sometime into a format that is easier to install on other computers without manually creating and moving the necessary files.

So with no further delay, I would like to proudly present imgsrv. I fully recognize that there are not many resources provided to help with getting it set up; if you have questions, I can be reached via the usual means (email, of course) at [web dot gophyrx dot org]. I don't anticipate having much to write more to write about with my personal projects for a little while, so it may be a couple of months or more until I have another log entry ready. Until next time...